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Re: TNG Caption This! 296: Closer to Punctuality!

Riker: Data, which Casino planet are we on?

Worf: Commander, I believe we are on a Western Frontier planet this week.

Data: Next week is a bottle show with a time-travel element.

Riker: Well then I suppose I'll count this as shore leave.

Picard: Mr. Crusher, stare him down. Mr. Data, look inquisitively at him. Red Shirt Crewman, just look a the door. Mr. Worf, look intimidating. Numbah One, tilt your head at him, and I'll scowl. That should put him in his place!

Worf: ugghhhh, there appears to be a problem with this console, Mr. Crusher.

Wesley: But Mr. Worf, I was just hoping to get a tablet for Christmas! Instead I got this sweater!

Worf: Mr. Okuda will not be pleased.

The moment when the cameraman realizes his trousers are down.

Picard: Mr. LaForge, you promised me that you wouldn't tell anyone!

Geordi: I'm sorry Captain, I thought you were kidding!

Worf: Klingon men do not pee in bed.

Crusher: Let's just get you to sickbay, Jean-Luc.
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