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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

I generally prefer Mary Tamm to Lalla Ward. Ward had her moments, particularly in "City of Death" & "The Horns of Nimon." And I love Ward wearing a pink version of the Doctor's costume in "Destiny of the Daleks." But overall, I much prefer Tamm's snotty, imperious interpretation of the character. She did a much better job of taking the piss out of the Doctor, which created a lot more character conflict.

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Watched Day of the Daleks last night. More Pertwee goodness (loved him dealing with a guerrilla without spilling a drop of the wine he was holding, then proceeding to drink said wine as though nothing had happened), but this serial isn't exactly a high point of his tenure and it was interesting to learn that (apparently) neither he nor Katy Manning thought much of it.
Katy Manning is just hoping that you won't watch it and therefore won't notice the parts where you can see up her skirt!

I'm currently making my way through "The War Games" again. I think I left off around Part 6. This story gets better each time I see it (other than some of the dodgy Southern accents in the American Civil War zone). While it is very long, it's also pretty well paced and has a nice build up as it keeps dropping hints about the origins of the Doctor & the War Chief. And Lt. Carstairs & Lady Jennifer are great one-off companions. Plus, I love the way that the Doctor keeps bluffing his way into assisting the alien scientist, even after the War Chief already exposed him once.
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