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Re: 2013 Transmission / Shooting Details

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And besides, during those seven months we had Torchwood and SJA (which featured a Doctor cameo) to keep the Whoniverse alive.

When first announcing that seasons would be split, the reason given was because this would decrease the gaps between seasons. Instead it has increased it, and we don't even have spin-offs to keep us entertained. Although we shouldn't blame BBC or Moffat over that. Torchwood wasn't exactly a hit with Miracle Day, and SJA can't continue anymore.
I miss Torchwood, good Torchwood anyway. I think the BBC should considering giving the show one last chance, with the mandate that it go back to the standalone format from Seasons 1 & 2. Also, try to ask RTD if he can write the series without turning all the characters into a bunch of contemptible twats.

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I really don't understand why you'd all expect a complete 13 part season every year. I imagine that Moffat's team work to the dictates of BBC scheduling, which would include budgetary concerns, etc. It's not very common for tv shows to come back every year in the same months as before. Extended breaks and revamped schedules are the norm, not the exception.
Unless you're an American. In that case, it just feels like they're toying with us. But Doctor Who is still better than Sherlock or Red Dwarf or The Catherine Tate Show. What the hell is the point of doing a "season" if it's only going to be 3-8 episodes long?

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We had a discussion at work about split seasons, and we were trying to figure out who to blame. (My coworkers were upset at the midseason break for The Walking Dead.) The thing is, no one's to blame. American television has always had split seasons, it's just that we never advertised them as such. Shows usually take a breather in the schedules during November and December. The networks use that as a time to put specials and other events on the schedule, while the programs can catch up productive-wise and build up another bank of episodes. It was always an informal thing, but shows like Battlestar formalized the broadcast break into a narrative break.
In the past, a show traditionally began in September, continued airing new episodes until the end of November, then took a break for December. After that, you could be guaranteed of new episodes in February, but otherwise the remainig episodes of the seasons would be stretched out so that the season could last until May.

These days the episodes are clumped together, which usually means splitting the season in two halves. With some shows like Lost and 24 it was felt that a mid-season split actually hurt them, and they actually did air all episodes consecutively, with a season starting in January and ending in May.

Maybe I'm ignorant here, but it does feel like BSG and the Stargates were the pioneers of the mid-season split with having mid-season cliffhangers. Hell, I'm fairly certain BSG started the tradition of releasing half-seasons on DVD.
I'm not sure if BSG was THE first, but it was one of the first to do DVD half-seasons. And it was certainly one of the first new shows to do it. (A lot of old shows do half-season DVD sets but that's because they did 30+ episodes each season, like Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Perry Mason, etc.)

It's OK to strech things out if you're doing 20 episodes per season. But if you're only doing 13 episodes, splitting it seems rediculous.

That said, it feels less awkward this year than it did last year. Last year, lodging a big mid-season cliffhanger like "A Good Man Goes to War" in the middle of the season just seemed to completely throw off its rhythm (especially when they'd already crammed two 2-parters into that 7 episode half season). On the other hand, this year, there seems to be a natural narrative break between the departure of Amy & Rory in "The Angels Take Manhattan" and the introduction of the new companion in "The Snowmen." Not to mention they seem to be redesigning everything else on the show, from the opening credits to the console room to the Doctor's wardrobe.

(BTW, if the show is really hurting for money, why would they spend money redesigning the console room after they already redesigned it a couple years ago?)
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