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Re: Episode of the Week: The Arsenal of Freedom

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It's all well and good to know herbal medicine and roots and poultices and such - but how the hell does such knowledge apply to a totally alien planet with totally unknown ecosystem, chemistry, biology... ?
How is it that humanoids that evolve on totally alien planets look just like humans with latex bumps on their hand and can successfully mate with humans? In the Star Trek universe, alien ecosystems are not very alien all.

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Speaking of LaForge's solution to the tactical problem, the episode really suffers from plot logic shortcomings there. Picard had already shut down the system that kept the demonstrations going, so the assailant threatening the starship should have vanished as well. OTOH, if the orbital demonstration did not end when Picard bought the planetside version, then a second and even more powerful starship-killer should have popped up right after LaForge managed to blast the first one!
I just wrote that off as either the drone malfunctioning or not receiving the termination signal due to atmospheric interference. That kind of stuff happens all the time in Star Trek. But yeah, it would have been nice if the episode acknowledged that.
I have a theory on that. Note the following exchange:
SALESMAN: Why, the Echo Papa Six Oh Seven. Our proudest achievement. The ultimate in weapons system technology.
PICARD: Is that what's behind the attack on my people?
SALESMAN: Impressive demonstration, isn't it?
PICARD: Demonstration? It tried to kill us.
SALESMAN: Versatile, powerful, and easy to use. The Six Oh Seven does it all. Its various modules can gather information, neutralise ground personnel, even destroy enemy space vessels.
PICARD: The Enterprise. Is one of those things after my ship? Tell me.
SALESMAN: Of course I can tell you. I am programmed to answer any and all questions about the unit. I can talk terms, arrange for delivery, whatever you need.
CRUSHER: It doesn't understand anything other than what it's peddling.
SALESMAN: The Six Oh Seven represents the state of the art in dynamic, adaptive design. It learns from each encounter, and improves itself.
PICARD: So what went wrong? Where are it's creators? Where are the people of Minos?
SALESMAN: Once unleashed, the unit is invincible. The perfect killing system.
PICARD: Too perfect. You poor fools, your own creation destroyed you. What was that noise?
SALESMAN: The unit has analysed its last attack and constructed a new, stronger, deadlier weapon. In a moment, it will launch that weapon against the targets on the surface.
PICARD: Abort it!
SALESMAN: Why would I want to do that? It can't demonstrate its abilities unless we let it leave the nest.
The Salesman doesnít seem to understand the connection between the ship in orbit and the people on the surface. When Picard refers to the Enterprise as ďmy ship,Ē the Salesmanís response is a non-sequitur.

I think the system is conducting two separate demonstrations for what it perceives as two separate customers. The weapons on the planetís surface appear at 12-minute intervals, not accounting for the one in space. When Picard tells the Salesman he has decided to make a purchase, it terminates the demonstration thatís being conducted for the party on the surface, but the other demonstration for the other customer continues. After the Enterprise destroys the weapon thatís attacking it, an improved one should appear 12 minutes later, but by that time the Enterprise will have either left the area or hailed the Salesman and agreed to a purchase.
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