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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

Gotcha, you gotta put that stuff in [sarcasm] tags next time because:

1. I'm a doofus, and;
2. It's hard to read sarcasm in a post.

This team needs to be rebooted. They have no identity. There seems to be a disconnect between management and ownership. They botched the Tebow thing. Questionable personnel moves. Ryan inheriting a good team and regressing, number 1 defense to whatever they are now. No RBs or WRs you've ever heard of. Sanchez set up to fail.

This reminds me of the Mets before last season. A complete laughingstock, so I've rooted for a garbage team ineptly run, and it's frustrating. I can empathize with the fans even if I loathe the team.

Look across the hallway for some pointers. The Giants have been responsible for more Super Bowl misery than I cared to endure the last few years, but I at least respect them as an organization. Same goes for the Steelers, Broncos, Packers, Colts, et al. in other sports.
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