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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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As far as the running thing, the right-click thing is just a muscle memory issue. It's a standard for every MMO. And I have no doubt it will feel like old-hat within a week. In fact, I suggest you do what I do and use both mouse buttons! If you hold both mouse buttons you'll run forward. Most people find this to be awkward at first, but learning now will be beneficial later on.
Did this, and actually find it a LOT more natural than just having right-click move alone. I think it's because it effectively forces you to press down somewhere on the mouse to move anyway, so right-button to turn isn't an extra issue. Thanks for the tip. I also rebound the strafe keys, and mouse scroll as you recommended and those are also great/natural feeling changes. Good stuff.

I've chosen Sorceror and am on Dromund Kass at about lvl12 now. I solo'ed the two Heroics on Korriban once I got Khem; they weren't a problem, so I think I might try doing the same with the Kass ones once I get towards lvl14/15. If they're too hard to solo then, I might try a group as I hopefully should have the basics of fighting down by then. I'm slowly getting sucked into MMO-land, I think...

Couple more quick questions, if you have time, please!

1) how do crew skills work best for FTP players? I can only pick one skill per crew member, so I've picked Treasure Hunting for Khem (was going to pick Artifice as he gets a bonus on that anyway, but couldn't see how that would be any use given he wouldn't have anything to use it on, right?). Am I doing it right? What sort of missions should I send him on? Money, Gems or Gifts? i.e. what are gems used for and is the affection bonus for collecting gifts particularly worth anything?

2) where can you spend Commendations? I have a good number of Korriban ones and a couple of Dromund Kass ones so far. Is it worth saving them up for better stuff later in the game or spending them as you go along?
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