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Re: Starfleet is the U.S. Coast Guard

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As far as I'm concerned.

Starfleet is a multi-discipline arm of the UFP.

It's one part Coast Guard
One part military
One part exploration
One part Diplomacy Corp.
One part research group
One part Engineering force.
The US Coast Guard is a branch of the military, and everything else on that list can be done by the military and has. Even diplomacy, as there are times when foreign VIPs are ferried by military aircraft or navy boats. Constantly splitting hairs about "Starfleet is more than a military, Starfleet is multi-disciplined," and so on are unnecessary. Starfleet is the military, period. I don't care what Roddenberry said.
More like the US military is Multi-Disciplined.
Militaries of other countries are essentially the same. If this makes them "multi-disciplined," than I guess that is typical of what a military is, and Starfleet is no different.
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