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Re: Episode of the Week: Heart of Glory

It almost seems as if this is yet another ritual relating to the alien biology of our favorite Klingon worrier, a special occasion for a special stage in Klingon development.

In it, Worf invites in a fellow warrior (or the next best thing), perhaps to evaluate how well Worf does, perhaps to help him over the worst, at a time when his mental capabilities are being severely taxed by a hormonal rush; a successful fight (even if holo-simulated) proves his worth at this difficult hour. But the mental imbalance doesn't go away, and explains his freaked-out reactions later on - believing in ghost stories so much that he recommends firing a photon torpedo "just in case", losing his marbles in a maze, etc.

Worf keeps missing key Klingon rituals, such as in "Icarus Factor". Perhaps this has retarded his development, or traumatized him, and for this reason he is in fact a poor example of Klingons of his age overall? Perhaps he should be laughing and getting drunk like any good Klingon, but can't, because he wasn't spanked properly during the Age of T'antrum?

Timo Saloniemi
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