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Re: Miranda Class v2.0

Yeah, I wanted a proper deflector on there to address that issue. The secondary one is more fluff though, I was going to make it more like a sensor thing than anything else but we'll see. You're also right about the nacelles being a little bulky, I was aware of it and I may have to change that at a later stage. Nacelles are easy to swap out though, but coming up with a novel design for them that doesn't offend the eyes is a problem.

As for the cut-in windows, I'm ok with them as they make more sense than very heavily sloped windows. I plan to have only a few sloped ones, the inset ones may be about 50% total of all the windows. I certainly don't plan on wallpapering the thing with them like the Galaxy class. The bridge structure was one of the main reasons why the hull section looks like it does, I wanted to work that in for sure.
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