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Lost Era: Serpents Among The Ruins

Just wanted to say what a kick @$$ book this is. I'm on a re-read of this.

I want to say, "If you like Vanguard, you'll like this." I like the intrigue and it's reminds of a Tom Clancy novel and what a great era that isn't really touched upon.

Also, it was great when Elias Vaughn was a fresh character and not overly used at the time.

Refreshing as well as the main cast isn't your usual fare in the usual Trek Books. Plus a lot of the characters have enought backstory to be familiar with there is plenty of stories/details for them to be fleshed out even more.

It was nice how DRGIII sorta redeemed the Harriman character from how he was protrayed in Generations.

I do think more Enterprise B (or Enterprise C) stories would a be great. It seems that time period isn't really touched upon much (or I guess I should say those Enterprise Crews aren't utilized as much) and that Era really has potential.

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on the book.

Thanks all

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