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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Howdy. I'm tranya, I'm a dude who lives in Indiana.

I've actually had an account here for years, I just rarely check in. My Trek love spans about 35 years or so, ever since I saw TAS in the 1970s (my earliest Star Trek memory), and then, of course, lots of Star Trek in reruns.

I go through phases of interest in Trek. Right now I'm having another one, very definitely because of the recent info about Star Trek Into Darkness. Over the years, I've considered myself a fan of every Trek other than Voyager (pretty much always hated it). Lately, I can't really handle much of the Berman era other than DS9; TNG seems comfortable, preachy, and full of bumpy-headed B-list actors, Voyager is ignorable, Enterprise had great ideas but was hampered by a lack of vision early on, and then a neocon showrunner later.

So, I suppose I keep finding myself returning to Star Trek (no colons, no subtitles, just Star Trek). And thus it's fun for me to watch how Abrams, Orci, & Co. are re-envisioning the first, best of the shows. And that's what brings me back here, to reconnect with Star Trek and see what the fans of today think about it all.
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