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Re: TNG Caption This! 296: Closer to Punctuality!

Cowboy: "So much for the dealer... and the waitress behind him, and the two guys at the blackjack table behind her... and the one armed bandit... and the wall..."
Riker: "Perhaps you shouldn't roll the dice quite so hard."
Worf: "Impressive... Was this game invented by a Klingon?"

Kurn: "Excuse me while I whip this out."
Riker gasps and faints

Wesley: "Thanks for slaying that Peach Wookiee for me..."
Worf: "If I knew what crime against fashion you were going to commit with that fur, I wouldn't have bothered."

Crusher: "What is...?
Wesley: "Looks like an MSE droid."
Picard: "Some idiot on the BBS must have posted another Star Trek vs. Star Wars thread. Deal with it LaForge."
LaForge: "All I ever seem to do these days is clean up after crossover fanfic."
Data: "It could have been worse, Geordi. It could have been slashfic."

Picard: "I'll have you know that erectile dysfunction is not a laughing matter, Mister!"
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