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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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The music used in Lights of Zetar and the Vina Dance in Wolf should be the original cues. Lights also used some Doomsday Machine music without rerecording it, so there was some flouting of the rules here and there (just the fact that these tapes still exist at all is one example of ignoring the rules). This is going by ear, and mine is pretty good at detecting differences between the originals and the library stuff, as well as being assured by Lukas Kendall that every cue has been accounted for on paper. There is nothing missing. Which really has to be a first. Amazing how it all survived.
Thanks. I guess it's not so bad that they reused a few original cues, since they did at least record new music and paid musicians to play it, even if they didn't use it. I mean, that was the reason for the rules against reusing tapes from prior seasons -- so that the musicians could be assured of getting work on a continuing basis. In the case of "Wolf in the Fold," they did pay the orchestra to record a dance piece for Kara, so it didn't really matter that they replaced it with a recording from the first pilot (since I don't think the individual musicians would've gotten royalties anyway). The reuse of "Force Field" in "Zetar" is iffier, but at least the orchestra got paid to do all those library cues they didn't use (and which it's just as well they didn't use because they're not very good).

Kind of a disappointment that the third season doesn't have any "pure" library cues like the first two had -- just new performances of episode cues. So there aren't any "Wow!" discoveries like in the first two seasons -- "Oh, that was actually written by Mullendore/Hatch/Courage instead of who I thought!"

It's interesting to know that Wilbur Hatch composed the first and last original music for the series. He did the first Vina's Dance "pre-recording" and then the presidential music for The Savage Curtain. Nice way to bookend the music (Sandy Courage did the first and last full scores).
I had been wondering why "And the Children Shall Lead" ended up on disc 5, after the other Duning scores, even though it was recorded before them. But looking over the whole five discs, that was kind of the only place it could've gone. Disc 2 was all the Steiner material, with only 12-13 minutes of library cues (not enough to swap out for "Children"); Disc 3 paired the Courage scores; and Disc 4 had the two Duning scores that were recorded back-to-back, so it made sense to keep them together. Disc 1 had two unrelated scores, but they were both from very early in the season, so it wouldn't have made sense to push one back to disc 5. Which means that disc 5 was the only open slot left for "Children."

It's interesting. George Duning was one of the two major TOS composers who didn't work on season 1 at all (Jerry Fielding being the other -- I don't think Samuel Matlovsky counts as "major"), but in season 3 he did more music than any other individual composer. Let's see, for season 1, in terms of total minutes of music, Courage did the most (if you count the pilots as part of the season, which, musically, they effectively were), and in season 2 it was Fried.
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