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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Also, I have to wonder, are these selections of library cues not exhaustive? Because I'm sure there's at least one "Where No Man..." cue that was in "The Lights of Zetar" but wasn't heard here, namely "Force Field." So either that was re-recorded but not included on the box set, or the episode used the original recording in violation of union rules. (And come to think of it, the same goes for "Vina's Dance" in "Wolf in the Fold." That wasn't included in the second-season library cues. And the version in "Wolf" did sound like the same performance from "The Cage," though as I've learned from this set, I'm not necessarily good at discerning the difference between performances.)
The music used in Lights of Zetar and the Vina Dance in Wolf should be the original cues. Lights also used some Doomsday Machine music without rerecording it, so there was some flouting of the rules here and there (just the fact that these tapes still exist at all is one example of ignoring the rules). This is going by ear, and mine is pretty good at detecting differences between the originals and the library stuff, as well as being assured by Lukas Kendall that every cue has been accounted for on paper. There is nothing missing. Which really has to be a first. Amazing how it all survived.

It's interesting to know that Wilbur Hatch composed the first and last original music for the series. He did the first Vina's Dance "pre-recording" and then the presidential music for The Savage Curtain. Nice way to bookend the music (Sandy Courage did the first and last full scores).
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