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Re: Rewatching "The High Ground"

It's just that Star Trek is supposed to be science fiction (at least on some level), but discussion about it typically revolves purely around the soap opera aspects of it. For example this very thread was started because the act of gunning down somebody was pondered from the 21st century point of view, as if Sergeant Devos of the PSNI had pointed her service revolver at an IRA terrorist - while the interesting thing about Cyril Finn's death, morals-wise and drama-wise, was the pseudotechnological nature of the raygun used, i.e. did it have a stun setting or not?

Of course, there's duality to this: the stories are supposed to be about this world, and the scifi element is just a distraction. But I'm chiefly interested in the story logic as established by the scifi setting, not in the story logic as intended despite the conflicting demands of the setting.

Timo Saloniemi
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