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Re: Who is John Harrison (Possible SPOILERS or Insane Babbling)

My gut feeling is that the WOK elements we've seen are not just JJ's homage to TOS, but in the AbramsVerse, these similar events happen because they were destined to.
Except it wouldn't make sense to rehash TWOK at this point. The relevant story would be "Space Seed." People keep forgetting that. There's no way that the storyline of TWOK -- about Khan seeking vengeance on Kirk for stranding him on a hellhole a decade and a half earlier -- would make any sense at this point in the timeline, when Kirk has only been in command of the ship for less than a year and has never met Khan.
Not saying we're going to get a rehash, just that what makes Kirk, Kirk has to happen in some form or another.

This article sums up my point pretty well:

And FWIW, I think LEGION is onto something with his "underground augment" theory...
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