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Re: Simon & Schuster to release ST titles in eBook omnibi?

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Hopefully not. I was originally told it was going to be published under the TOS banner, so I approached it so that it could work as a TOS novel -- so that someone unfamiliar with DTI, or even the TNG era in general, could still follow the book. Although the same characters appear, there are virtually no references to specific plot points or story arcs from Watching the Clock. So the uninitiated reader could pick it up and just see these characters from the future as one-time guest stars, kind of like the futures glimpsed in novels like Crossroad and Imzadi.

I like to think the two DTI novels can be read in either order, which is appropriate. Indeed, I'm hoping that including FH in this TOS omnibus will introduce DTI to some fans who didn't take note of it when it was published under its own subtitle.
I have to agree with Christopher. I'm currently reading DTI: Future History, and loving it by the way, and have to say it is as much a TOS novel as a DTI novel, maybe more in some ways. I think it fits in well. Also, there are several brief mentions of the "Scagway" incident. Nothing major, just that name actually, and I take it those are references back to Grag Cox's Rings of Time which I haven't had a chance to read yet.

I'm just glad to see the covers, though it would've been nice to see some totally new art. I'm also curious what is driving this new direction and wondering if it means we may finally see the final two S.C.E. omnibus editions in ebook format.

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