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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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I'm not sure I understand your comment about us exporting our potential troublemakers?
For an extremely long time the British government would round up all the people they perceived as trouble-makers and low-lifes and ship them to places like Barbados or Australia. They figured they could deport their criminal class and make England a better place.

Obviously it didn't work or England wouldn't have so many soccer hooligans, or maybe it did, since Barbados has ten times the homicide rate of the UK.
Before the British settled Australia at least 50,000 convicts were sent to America (mainly to Maryland and Virginia).
Yeah. We got the UK's chavs.

There is a hilarrious book by Jim Goad {a whisky or coke fueled rant} called "The Redneck Manifesto", which explains that not everyone came here voluntarily, and that what American's call trailer trash is the last oppressed group that it's okay to insult without social repercussions, because they're just redneck trailer trash, and have been ever since they were hounded out of Britain {and the single wide was invented}.

One of the ongoing thoughts on black violence and culture is that it almost exactly like that of the American southerners who came from southern England, fixated on reputation, honor, and "street cred." As you dig into it, the connections between us all, and the cultural influences become more and more fascinating. I say this as a member of a family fought a feud that killed about a hundred in extended battles, and who had a cousin who was the only U boat commander executed for war crimes. I am from the deep hills of Appalachia.
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