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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

What Turtletrekker stated. Bruce's vision what he revealed in the last issue of "Batman Incorporated" was probably Morrison's retconned plan of whatever he originally intended that got altered thanks to bits and pieces (which is what I said...the Batman related RIP stuff still occurred) of Final Crisis not happening. We'd essentially been waiting to find out what exactly Bruce "saw" during his time trip, and what he revealed to Damian wasn't exactly what I thought it would be at first, but makes complete sense and ties in to the beginning of Morrison's run.

"Batman Incorporated" is supposed to be part of The New 52 given the costume Bruce is wearing, and we've seen others wearing their costumes (except for Jason of course). I suppose certain elements of "Batman Inc" could be considered New 52 as well. I believe Morrison and Marts have commented on it's status within the 52 continuity but have forgotten what it was.

This kind of stuff gives me a headache
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