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Re: Aliens with one name vs. aliens with two names

So was the Morgana Quadrant.
And what's wrong with the Morgana Quadrant? (save for it being so damn difficult to get there?)

So was the the Klingon homeworld being called "Kling" (yeesh!)
The term "Kling" was only used once, in "Heart of Glory", and was not indicated to refer to anything specific. Apparently, it was just something the fat cats back home had betrayed.

So was O'Brien wearing a lieutenant's pips for four seasons and even being referred to as such.
Again, only referred to as such once. If that; might have been Worf that Riker was talking to.

Things that appear twice count as sort of confirmed for Star Trek. Like, say, Vash. I don't see much reason to ignore most of the things appearing only once, either, but if Trek does a repeat performance, then it rather suggests that nobody in charge objects to this thing. Also, it probably also becomes noticeable enough that a later episode or movie might decide to quote it again... Since we again are closely examining the period of time when even Spock's best friends didn't seem to know his other name, time is ripe for a retake!

Timo Saloniemi
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