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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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What happened with Kes anyway? Did Lien want to leave or was she fired?
I have written a poem to answer your question JirinPanthosa.

A Borg! Braga cried,
I shall not be denied
Some cyber perfection
And sweet misdirection
From the pedestrian twaddle
Of this Delta space waddle

The Powers That Were twirled their pencils and grrrred.
A girl then, if you must, and cast for the bust!
And that boy whatshisname, kick him to the drain
He's constantly late, hell he's sealed his own fate.

But the People said STOP!
Have you numbnuts not seen?
Why he steams up the screen!
The most beautiful man
That ever has been.. well one in 50
But that's still quite high
Really, we cannot let Harry Kim die.


Really we cannot let Harry Kim die!
Really we cannot let Harry Kim die!
Really we cannot let Harry Kim die!

(repeat to the whining of a clarinet, warning may cause ear bleeds)

Lien cried, Lien wept as they dragged her away
Braga's door slammed on good manners that day
No letter was sent, not even a card
The arrival of 7 had turned his heart hard (and other organs)

And so Voyager lost the good and the sweet
The kind and the curious, the gentle and meek
And we had to adapt to great slash and great breasts
Yet the debate rages on as to which is the best.

"Damnit Spock. God damnit!" Kirk ST:V
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