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USS Sagittarius

I will start off by saying that this is by far and away my most favorite designs that I've ever made. I felt like it was so off-the-wall that it deserved its own topic.

Originally designed to serve alongside the USS Sovereign among others, the USS Sagittarius was built as a testbed ship of new technologies. Most prevalent is its purportedly "Failsafe" power distribution grid, with no less than five ways to route power to the warp nacelles in the event of catastrophic damage to the ship. It was designed with two enormous Warp nacelles composed of machinery from six Sovereign nacelles.
To power these oversized motors, the ship has a primary and secondary warp core which operate in tandem to operate all subsystems at consistently full power.
In order to move the ship at Sublight speeds, two impulse engine banks are mounted outboard from the Saucer on two large wings.
The deflector array runs as a large strip down the fore of the engineering section on a sort of "keel" extending downward, as well as a traditional circular array on the engineering section itself.
The ship is equipped with an Regenerative Ablative hull and a conventional deflector array. The ship has mounted Tetryon Cannon arrays instead of the period-typical Phaser Strips, to allow for more extensive use of Ablative armor. Notable interior elements are a distinct lack of decks in most of the Engineering section, with a large interior space devoted to fuel and Armor tanks, as well as Warp Core machinery and shuttle and Fighter hangars. The Bridge is a large open room which is connected to a sort of Promenade running the spine of the saucer and neck.

Despite its oversized Impulse engines, the ship was found to be sluggish at Sublight speeds and much of the experimental machinery frequently failed. The ship's class was never put into production, but the ship survived through the Klingon-Federation war in 2409, during which it reentered service as a science and Command Operations vessel. A second ship of similar design but smaller size was built during this time to be used as a testing platform for experimental appropriated Borg technology such as that which was used to transfigure the Narada in the late 24th century.

Without further ado, here is the design.
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