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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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There was more separation between the producer and broadcaster at one time though. I think in the past the toy line funded production of the material but the broadcaster didn't have their hands as directly in the pie when it came to the profits.
Yeah, there's not that much distinction between Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation these days.

Of course, it does make you wonder about certain shows. I can't picture Sym-Bionic Titan or Secret Saturdays being very good merchandise fodder. If it's so important to CN it seems odd to choose something like that.
Well, like I said, maybe budget has something to do with it. YJ and GL seem to be more lavish productions. The more expensive a show is to make, the harder it is to keep it on the air. But that's just speculation.
Are SBT and SS based on preexisting properties? I'm thinking they probably owe DC a fair amount for the properties.
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