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Re: Looking for Avatar Help? Check here!

Posted by DoctorBeverly:
I have a question concerning my avatar. I hadn't been on the site in a while and when I logged in a couple days ago I had a private message saying my avatar violated the rules in it's size and format. My avatar was 80x80 pixels and only a little over 1,400 kb in size. I decided to try putting up another one of my avatars which was also 80x80 and not much larger than the first and today came on the site to find another private message saying once again that my avatar was removed because it violated the rules. Can anyone help me and tell me what I need to do or is it something wrong with the system? I've looked in the FAQ and haven't found anything to help me out. I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer me.
The size of your avatar is fine but your file size is too large. 1400 KB is over 1 MB which is rejected by Autoadmin. You need to reduce your file size to less than the file size limit which is set at no more than 32 KB. Graphics editing programs, such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, will do this for you. Check them out.
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