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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Maybe not, but what about the planet's other cities? Joker would like to see the whole world burn, but I never got the sense that the LOS was intent on destroying, say Honolulu. Kinda makes a huge lot of difference if you happen to live in Honolulu.
If Heath Ledger had lived, do you think the third film would have been called Joker Does Honolulu?

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Agreed, but a movie with one-dimensional villains is rarely "deep" or "sophisticated".
How "deep" or "sophisticated" is a conflicted villain by virtue of being fashionable?

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I forgot about it because it wasn't important.
It suddenly becomes important again when you start talking about the character having no humanity.

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He proves to be a total monster, yet still comes across as more sympathetic than any of Nolan's big baddies, because, as monstrous as he may be, he at least believes in something[/URL] - a world free of human-on-mutant oppression.
If only Nolan's villains believed in something, such as a world free of corruption, or, failing that, free of Gotham.
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