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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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I like your post

And about religion and education, don't forget that there are different type of education in this world. One of them are religion based education. And what prevent people to grabs this type of education?

I believe people should have a factual based education. Along with lots of teaching about critical thinking, problem solving, and detailed multi-point analysis.
Modern education is about regurgitation and memorization with very little critical thinking and no room for criticism or analysis against the system.

Religion should be saved for after a person has grown passed their teenage years and have the mental maturity / capacity to make a solid decision for themselves to believe in a religion.

Most modern religion like to indoctrinate children when they're young and have the parents help re-enforce those belief systems.

I'm against that type of system. I find that most religions that practice that is tantamount to brain washing and not giving the person the chance to mature on their own and make a informed decision as a adult as to whether they want to be a part of said religion or not.
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