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That is true depending on one's point of view, but to me - and I speak solely for myself here - I'd find news of microbial, plant or even some form of aquatic life on a world inside our solar system to be a stupendous and enthralling piece of news that I'd celebrate. Oh sure, it's not a sentient civilization that could attempt to intelligently communicate with the human race on Earth as equals or even our superiors, but alien life on another celestial body other than Earth would be very exciting and wondrous to me.

That all by itself would set the hardcore religious evangelicals to fuming and drooling because, to paraphrase the late Rev. Jerry Falwell when news about possible microbial fossils in the Martian meteorite was made public in 1996, "the only life in the universe is that we already know about and it's here on Earth, otherwise God would have told us. We are God's greatest creation and there's nothing science can tell us that a true Christian doesn't already know."

Even if the life form discovered were nothing more sophisticated than, say, primitive single-celled organisms living and reproducing beneath the ice sheets of the moon Europa it'd be more than enough to set off some of the religious conservatives in our society who don't like their narrow, rigid construct of how the universe works disrupted by something as wicked and dishonest as science. But no matter how crude or advanced the life form would be, I'd celebrate and cheer when it was discovered and made public knowledge.
Yes, you and I would celebrate because we are unrepentant science nerds.

The religious right would shit bricks, because they're sociopathic nutjobs on the fast-track to irrelevance.

And everyone else would go on with their regularly scheduled program, barely noticing anything.
Actually, it's mainly Biblebelt Christians and Evangelicals who shit bricks......other cultures.....the Hindu, the Dogon, the Zuni, the Hopi, and so on, would not be shitting bricks.

I'd not be going back to my regularity scheduled program, since, no matter because why do you wanna? Plus when life is proven out there, the world changes, and there's no going back....why would you wanna go back.

Plus, with intelligent life, I've said this many times, our solar system is very young compared to the others. We're the new kids on the block, both literally and figuratively. And those systems, billions of years ahead of us, would have technology we could only imagine. They probably have faster than light travel, anti-grav, and so on.

Thing is, how much can government be trusted in the truth? I mean look at the overrated SETI, their policy is that if they do find an actual alien radio signal, they feel they need to keep the truth secret until they talk to the authorities and than it's up the the US government to decide if we're worthy of the truth, and let's face it, governments these days, especially America's, are not known for doing the right things and in our own someone said here, governments make policy to allow politicians to be corrupt and letting them get away with it. Lies were used for the Vietnam war and the war in the middle east today, as well as so many other things that's screwing us over. Hell, you can't even post anything about Princess Diana on facebook, because it gets taken down within hours, friend of mine posted some interesting info involving the accident, but the FB bosses took it down, and that's just peanuts compared to big things happening. For example, in 1952, Washington, in front of the world, when UFO's were hovering over the capitol, had general Sanford downright lie that nothing was happening and his captain even said he was lying, and had the papers telling him to lie. I think sending government officials, elected or not is not a good idea....I think some of the smaller guys might have better ways than them, and the event should be done democratically, with a small d, and non hostile, and not the paranoid, military industrial complex doing so. "But what if they start attacking us?!" you might ask.....if they want to attack us, they can do so, very comfortably from orbit, maybe even further away, with just the flick of a switch and either blast the surface with whatever they got to use, be it lasers, neutron bombs or viruses, and we'd never see our attackers or even know what happened. Plus reading reports from people in the military coming out to say their own experiences in where UFO were seen and somehow 'switching off' their nuclear missile silos, tells me, it's a non hostile thing, a sign of peaceful force. I like to think of it as this: If you see 2 bratty kids getting into an argument, and it begins to get physical, and both brats pick up big, pointy sticks.....what do you do? If you're a responsible, moral and intelligent person, you go between them, grabs the sticks and throw them away before one or both the kids lose an eye or something. Same with this, that's how I feel about the UFO presence, they could have destroyed or conquered us easily, but they did not. I think they want to help us.....would not surprise me if some of the aliens races out there are more humane than any human could dream of being.....wanting to see us grow up finally and not end up killing ourselves over resources, different takes on god, and politics. I mean why do we send aid to 3rd world countries, sending food and medicine, because it's the right thing to do, helping each other out. I could see aliens, some of them anyhow, doing the same for us.

And to any Christians and Evangelicals who'd freak out about alien life.......the Vatican in 2008 said alien life does not negate the belief in god. If anything, that should strengthen your belief in your god, since if we were alone....your god first went overkill with making a huge universe, and only putting us in if we WERE the pinnacle of his creation, he sure messed up because we are not doing too well, right now. Plus with the presence of alien life, it can allow more flexibility to these hardcore religions, since rigidity would be a moot point, showing that differences are not such a bad thing.

Whenever we meet alien life from out there, one thing's for sure, the world changes, drastically. So I say break out the party favors, for there will be much to celebrate for that day.
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