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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Those 100 pages could've easily held twice as much text and still had room for a reasonable amount of artwork.
Agree. That's an editorial decision though, not Jeff's. Right? And I guess I understand the decision. Producers like to put pics in this material. Witness the James Bond soundtrack CDs.

(This is one of those things that seems plausible, but breaks down if I think about it too much. Producers put pics in there to make the whole thing more attractive to, I guess, the casual buyer? But how was "the casual buyer" ever a factor for this set?)

Christopher wrote: View Post
But yes, I definitely want a companion book from Jeff Bond.
Does Jeff read here?

Also, we should track down that Library of Congress article that we learned about in the interviews, the article that Steiner wrote that contained interviews with all the composers.

Yet I wonder, the student who provided Bond with the transcripts of all those interviews, which she found among Steiner's papers I want to read those, but are there publishing rights involved? Does Bond have to wait until she publishes her paper, or whatever?
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