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Re: Scientist declares “Earth is F**ked" --Discuss?!

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No, socialism is the end-stage of communism, which is just a transitionary period required for socialist-man to evolve.
History would not agree with you.
But the communists would, and as you should recall, they considered themselves experts on implementing socialism.

As one East Bloc joke went, "Mommy, will we still have money when we reach true socialism?" "No dear, we won't have any of that, either."
More likely a western joke told about the east.
No, the Soviet bloc had tons of jokes, and most were hilarious.

How does every communist joke start? By looking over your shoulder.

They even had jokes about jokes.

Some Soviet judges were leaving the court buiding and one started laughing hysterically. Another judge asked him what was so funny, and the laughing judge said, "I just heard the funniest joke in my courtroom." "Well tell us, what was the joke?" "I can't repeat it. I sentenced the man to five years hard labor for telling it."

Just Google some up. It's great material.
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