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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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In some ways this almost guaranteed that T.J. on SG:U was never going to die!

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The stones were a terrible idea. I feel like all they did was suck the tension out of them being so far away from earth with no way home. Even on VOY when they got to communicate with earth finally it was in snippets, they had to draw lots for when they could have their one minute contact. Not walk around for entire episodes working out their absolutely boring relationship issues while in someone else's body. It ruined the suffocation and isolation of being on that ship with a small group of people that didn't much care for each other and didn't know if they would survive much less go home.

And the possible sexing it up element of stone sex was just icky rather than kinky, very flat scenes.
I was never against the concept of the stones as keeping everyone in contact with Earth. It was the sloppy execution, specifically that everyone was apparentally told about the Stargate's existence. And everyone except Eli's mother just accepts that a complete stranger is their spouse/partner/child. And the less said about stone sex...
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