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Re: TNG Caption This! 296: Closer to Punctuality!

Arm Candy: What's sticking the dice together?
Data: Secreted internal servo fluid.
Texas: Hookers are legal here, you know.

On Klingon vessels, authority is taken through combat. Not given by weak and cowardly rules. Under my command, cowardice will be reprimanded -

<Wesley jumps up and kicks him in the nards>

Data <to Kurn, writhing on floor>: Never mess with Ensign Crusher's grade point average.

Worf: You do not understand honor. What it means to be willing to take your own life if you fail in your duties.
Wesley: Yeah, I don't die if I fail my exams. My teachers' cats do.
Worf: So you...
Wesley: Only take classes from teachers with cats for best friends? Yup.
Worf: Genius.

Pakled on a Rascal: Beep beep.

I'm not laughing, LaForge!
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