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Re: K-9 on Syfy for Xmas

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This show is no longer in production correct?
It's not currently in production, and it's been two and a half years since the last episode aired, but the producers are reportedly developing a second season. However, there's been no news on that since June, and apparently ratings and reviews for the first season were disappointing. So it's sort of up in the air, I guess.
The show's creators gave an update on its status at a convention early last month. Disney had a renewal option for three years, and even though the production team knew they wouldn't be picking it up, the show couldn't (or perhaps can't-- I don't know the precise timing) be sold to anyone else until the option expired/expires. They plan a complete cast reboot for season two-- possibly with a transition to the new team in episode one-- largely because the season will be shot in the UK. And the K9 design will be further tweaked; the color and big ears on the season one version were requested by Disney. (They also wanted Andy Serkis, who had expressed interest, as the voice of K9!)
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