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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

I saw this note that said:

LUXEMBOURG: bans all guns. Its murder rate is often comparable to the western European average. But in many other years it is 2-4 times higher.
It cited the nine point one {my number keys are acting up} figure with the souce as

>From JURISTAT: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics pamphlet "Homicide in Canada, 2002" by Josee Savoie at p. 3, Table titled Homicide Rates for Selected Countries, 2002
But I also see contradictory information on their rates of gun ownership here, which says both that civilians are banned from possessing handguns and longguns {but somehow can get permits for full auto weapons} and that the number of privately held civilian guns in Luxembourg is seventy-thousand, or fifteen point three guns per hundred people, which is more than Venezuela and ranks them as forty-one in the world for gun ownership.

It was interesting that France and Austria let anyone keep pistols, and some gun owners familiar with the country said that Luxembourg was actually less restrictive than Maryland.

ETA: The massive contradictions between Luxembourg's law and the data might be the result of grandfathering in most of what was already owned when their law was passed, which is very commonly done.
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