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Re: Was Voyager better?

The TNG command clique was very standoffish towards anyone outside their little social circle. Look at Jellico, Barclay and Ro Laren for perfect examples. Inside it, they were reasonably loose with the exception of Picard, but he's the CO so distancing himself a bit can be expected. Voyager? Really the first three seasons just centered heavily on Janeway, with the rest of the characters being glorified support characters. Seasons 4-7, it became a trifecta with Janeway, Seven and the Doctor. As for how they got along? Janeway ruled with an iron fist, Chakotay had to have been castrated to explain his transformation from someone who might have been interesting after the pilot, everyone loved to make fun of Harry, the Doctor and Neelix at various points. Torres was never friendly at all really. Seven was openly hostile to most everyone. Kes and Neelix really were the only genuinely friendly ones and Neelix was so in your face about it you just wanted to punch him. The TNG crew may have been standoffish towards outsiders, but they were never at each other's throats like the Voyager crew was at times.
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