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Re: Diana Muldaur (Dr. Pulaski) on TNG

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timtonruben359, could you tell me what Michael Dornsaid about Diana Muldaur on the blu-ray? As a big Pulaski fan, any news about that character is welcome. Cos there usually isn't any...
Sure! He said that he loved working with Diana and that he had been a big fan of hers long before he ever worked with her. He though she was a brilliant and attractive actress. He felt that on set she was 'one of the guys' and he admired her because she was a TV veteran and had seen it all. He felt that had she stayed on the show Worf and Pulaski might have ended up becoming involved with one another because Worf hated doctors but he really liked her and Pulaski was very fond of Worf.
Melinda M. Snodgrass (who wrote Measure of a Man and was scripit editor for two seasons on TNG) talked about Diana too. She said the feeling in the writers room was that Diana was a phenomenal character actress but that the Pulaski character was underutilized and that the majority of her lines were techno babble which didn't play to Muldaur's strength as an actress and which Muldaur had a very hard time memorizing. There were attempts to make Pulaski a foil to Captain Picard, someone who would tell him exactly what was on her mind but Roddenberry would write those scenes out of scripts because he didn't want any conflict between the crew. Snodgrass said she loved writing for the Pulaski character because she really was a feisty woman who took no crap and unlike Crusher wasn't longing for Picard. She thought if the character had stayed around another season they could have made her a really powerful character but it was clear Diana wanted out. Also in her commentary of Measure of a Man, she said the original idea between Pulaski and Data was that she would nag at him not because she disliked him but rather because she wanted him to push his boundaries because Pulaski could see that Data was actually human but that he didn't see that in himself. But again the scenes didn't come across right or were changed and it didn't work.
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