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Re: Deep Space Nine thoughts & questions

I was just like you.

My story:

I tried to watch DS9 when it began and again when Worf switched over. Just couldn't get into to it. Early on, there's was some pretty lame episodes. I liked Emissary but the ones after that were (then) boring.

Space station=yawn
No capt=WTF?
Bajor/Bajorans=Yawn squared

Then in fall of 1995 tried it again. Didn't know who the Jem Hadar was or the Shapeshifter/Changelings that was referred. Pretty good episode, but I was lost. Quit on it.

Late one night, I got to watching Spike TV and Sacrfice of Angels was onl Holy Cow that was awesome, so I watched a couple of more and really liked it
Then I was stuck for a week away from home and little to watch so I began to rewatch a week of it (S7) and thourghly loved it. Started DVRing it and have been hooked ever since.

Again, what hurt:
1) Writing much like early TNG in S1-boring
2) Voyager coming on and stealing some thunder
3) Not having a ship until S3
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