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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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I don't think I saw Trip more than a few brief times when he was out. Most of the figures I tended to see cluttering pegs and shelves in toy stores a decade ago were Travis, Captain Archer and the Malcolm-with-Bridge Tactical Station playset.

Travis got no love on the show or in plastic form. Poor guy.
I actually managed to score the Captain Archer and Reed with their respective Bridge sections. I also have Trip in his standard uniform which I think was an exclusive figure at the time.

Even as someone who was not a fan of Enterprise, I think that Art Asylum did a great job with ALL of their toys. The only other toys from Enterprise that I have are two NX-01s (one is open and sitting on my desk at work)...and the Phase Pistol/communicator Trek Tek.
I think the only ENT figures I didn't get was Silik the Suliban, the Naussican, and Phlox in a spacesuit.

Like the ill-fated Playmates' Star Trek XI line, the figures that would have completed my ENT collection was in a cancelled wave--Hoshi and Phlox in their regular outfits.
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