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Re: Star Trek Fan Reboots

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I have two concepts in mind:

1) I would personally love to reboot Star Trek, set it further in the future, and change the entire origins story of the universe, using those changes to create an intricate history that would constrain the show within some degree of self-generated reality. I would incorporate other sci-fi elements too - for example, acceleration/deceleration stations (from Forbidden Planet), a warp drive limit around systems (from the Honor Harrington series), skinsuits for battle (also from HH), etc.

2) I would like to go back to the original Star Trek bible, and tell the story of the S.S. Yorktown under Captain Winter (or April, depending on the draft) in black and white with a late 50's/early 60's sci-fi feel (think The Outer Limits).

I have a lot of ideas, but zero money or equipment to make either concept a reality. Interested producers are invited to contact me

HAHA if I had the money...
Both ideas soudn very very intersting. (1) sounds like a very different type of scifi, and (2) is very similar to what people have posted here before - a pre-TOS style movie - the only one I can think of is Forbidden Planet.
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