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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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The main problem I see with your system from the Venus Project is that it takes away alot of free will.
A pre determined city has no room for people to build homes / businesses as they desire.
People won't be allowed to buy cars since there will be no cars.
People will have to use public transportation or walk.
Not everybody will be inclined to want to do things this way.
Your Venus Project would work if everybody willingly or by gun point goes along with it, but it feels like it's far from a perfect system.

What you have to give up to attain such a system is saddening IMO and most humans would never give such things up.
The option to have an automobile of my choice.
The option to have a house of my design.
The free will to create a store at a location of my choice and in a building of my choice.
No one is suggesting forcing anyone to do anything or taking away free will (how did you manage to arrive at such a conclusion?).
A pre-determined city would be designed with highest efficiency and self-sustainability in mind so it would provide for Human needs and most wants - but it would also be designed to accommodate growth and change (as opposed to current cities that aren't exactly what I would call 'modular').
While the VP advocates that most existing cities are leveled and harvested for their resources, some would be preserved as museums, or most of the structures in any given city would be removed, leaving only structures that contribute to the history.
Its extremely inefficient and more intensive on resource usage along with energy to restore existing cities.
But anyway... with new circular cities popping up, new designs would take shape (Fresco's designs are nothing more than a base template - a possible direction if you will).

You could do a bit more reading of the FAQ in the Venus Project since it addresses individual house building (don't do it half-way).
As it was explained there, those who want to design their own house will be able to choose from a vast database of templates and mix-mash them together, or put in their own design elements into the design, and will be able to display a holographic image and walk through the areas to see how it would look like, along with making changes before they decide upon on a final design.

As for automobiles...
Why would you want to 'own' them?
You need access to a car for the purpose of driving to a specific destination on-demand (80% of the time, most cars are sitting on a parking lot, taking up space, and is the primary reason as to why we over-produce them today).
You think that the majority of the population exposed to relevant general education in an environment that doesn't pay attention to these things would actually 'care' about social status' or what type of car you drive? That kind of nonsense is one of the reasons why we have problems in the first place and they only care 'now' because they are indoctrinated to think like that in the first place.
But either way... no one would take anything away from you or anyone else.
You are forgetting that you don't need to 'own' things, but require on-demand access to them. What's the purpose of owning a car if you can have it on-demand to transport you where you need?

If you want to pile stuff up in your home, that's your right - but you can only use one or two things at the same time anyway, so what's the point in cars sitting in 1 place doing nothing and taking up space?
Either way, this is why a transitional period is required.

And most old cities would be phased out slowly until most of the population (or newer generation) moved out to the new cities.
And I can tell you I would personally prefer moving to a highly advanced self-sustaining city in a heart-beat (as would probably a lot of the younger people, and those who are currently homeless).
If some people wanted to remain living in the older cities, no one would stop them.
You cannot force people out of their homes after all.
That is why a transitional period is required. So, some older cities could easily remain where they are right now, but with a lot of the population living in newer cities, it will probably be just a matter of time before others decide to move.

Public transport would be connected to a high degree with mag-lev trains.
Cars and VTOL (vertical take-off crafts) would be used for destinations that aren't reachable by mag-levs (which would be very few areas in the first place).
If people would 'have' to walk, distances for such walks in cities would be minimal -or they would be designed into the environment to prompt physical activity in children who are in schools.
Can you please do a bit more reading on the subject before you jump to assumptions of 'taking away free will' and similar notions?
We are who we choose to be but also have predefined aspects of our personalities we are born with, and make art that defines us.

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