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UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths (Chapter 5 continued)

Chapter 5 <cont'd>

Captain’s Log, SD 55442.3 – (June 11th, 2378)

Following our successful rendezvous with Valiant, we have continued the field test of our new drive system by returning to our original warp-sled for resupply. Utilizing the replicatable matter stores aboard the sled, our engineering staff has begun repairs to the sled’s warp drive as we offload the stasis-units containing Galaxy’s survivors.

High-warp cargo pods containing replacement crew in stasis arrived at the sled weeks ago, and we have revived one-hundred and fifty personnel. Some of these will replace losses to Europa’s crew contingent, while the majority will go on to staff Galaxy as it serves as a forward operating outpost for the task force.

Once we have disassembled the sled’s industrial replicator and stored it aboard Europa, we will complete repairs to the sled’s nacelles and send it back to Federation space so that Galaxy’s surviving crew may receive the best medical care possible. Lieutenant Lightner estimates that the parabolic course we’ve set for the sled will carry it above the galactic plane and return it to Federation space in twenty-seven months, avoiding the Federation’s tumultuous coreward border where the first of the refugee formations are due to arrive within months.

The new drive (some are calling it ‘transwarp’ though I’m not sure that’s strictly correct) is the first bit of good news we’ve had since undertaking this mission some nine months ago. Vanguard is now receiving ‘new blood’ in the form of additional ships and personnel, assigned to fill the gaps that attrition has left in our ranks.

We are waiting to see if Starfleet Command agrees with the recent decisions we’ve made regarding our command and control of Vanguard, but seeing as we are so far removed from direct control, any attempt by them to circumvent what we’ve established will only serve to detract from our efficiency. Here’s hoping Command comes to the same conclusions.

It has been decided that TFV will no longer attempt to engage the Kothlis’Ka, and that it will be left to Starfleet and the Romulan Galae to organize a defense against the seemingly unstoppable juggernaut. Even if IG-4 hadn’t been wiped out, the Kothlis’Ka Armada has now moved outside of TFV’s area of operations.

We are taking this opportunity to catch our breath before moving to intercept the next two incoming nomadic formations. Thus far, of the three fleets TFV has studied and subsequently engaged, two are still on course for the Alpha Quadrant and only one has stopped, and then only because the En-Il-Que chose to attack and occupy an inhabited star system.

Nevertheless, because of our presence the Alpha Quadrant has a much better idea of what’s heading their way, and how to potentially defend against those threats. I can only hope the results are worth the blood we’ve spilled thus far, and of the blood that has yet to be shed in the name of the Alpha Quadrant’s safety.

End Log entry.
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