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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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Religion was invented by Humanity.
So... species-wise, that particular influence was/is internal.

As such, there is nothing 'idealistic' about a non-monetary society that implements cybernation and automation as much as possible coupled with relevant general education of the entire global population.
It's merely a different way of thinking that could result in a world that is FAR better than what we have now (but it wouldn't be 'perfect' or a 'utopia' because such concepts are delusions).

Star Trek merely decided to go the 'culturally accepted' route and tell you that nothing short of violence and exposure to alien life (or fear of it) could change our way of thinking (again... a byproduct of a system that creates film-makers who know next to nothing about Human behavior or how technology works) - a similar thing happened in the movie 4th of July (which was a joke in itself).

Denying the premise that we can create this change on our own simply because the present socio-economic system creates a perception that anything else 'won't work' (even though various implementations of holistic methodology on a smaller scale demonstrate its possible and needs proper scaling to accommodate the globe coupled with other factors) is quite frankly, a cop-out... an easy way to 'give up'.
The main problem I see with your system from the Venus Project is that it takes away alot of free will.
A pre determined city has no room for people to build homes / businesses as they desire.
People won't be allowed to buy cars since there will be no cars.
People will have to use public transportation or walk.
Not everybody will be inclined to want to do things this way.
Your Venus Project would work if everybody willingly or by gun point goes along with it, but it feels like it's far from a perfect system.

What you have to give up to attain such a system is saddening IMO and most humans would never give such things up.
The option to have an automobile of my choice.
The option to have a house of my design.
The free will to create a store at a location of my choice and in a building of my choice.

Most people don't like being told what to do.
I'm one of those people.

I agree, having green technology is the way to go.

But destroying existing cities to do it is not the way to go.

Places like Las Vegas "The Strip"
Places like Hollywood Blvd.
All unique places in each city that make it interesting.
The venus project proposes to make domed nearly identical or very similar cities.
People would get bored of their city very fast.
The psychological factors from everything being the same would be very bad on humanity.
There is a reason why some people like moving to different cities, it's because it is a different environment / atmosphere that they can feel happy in.
To take away that aspect would harm a significant population of humanity in the name of progress.

True progress has to co-exist with certain existing aspects of humanity.
People do not take kindly when their vested rights as people get trampled.
I agree that if every house on Earth had solar / wind / other renewable features along with advance concrete construction, the sheer amount of energy consumption would drop.
One green way of storing energy is to use flywheel batteries.
Flywheel batteries have been around for a while and they don't leave toxic by products and have ~20+ year life times with newer designs getting better and better.
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