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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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In all honesty, HTV's work is more faithful to the original effect. CBS-D looks better (and obviously I prefer it), but you can understand why HTV's effect looks the way it does.
Nope, you're fooled by the flat grey color given to the Enterprise. If it were an actual faithful effect it wouldn't be missing the shadows on the outer rim of the saucer.
I am in no way fooled and you are wrong. The remastered effect also has a shadowy outer rim on the saucer, though it is less dark. My point is that if you compare the colour of the Enterprise in the original scene, than HTV actually comes much closer than CBS-D's version. CBS-D's version looks better, but it is dramatically altered from the original effect and more closely resembles the effectswork done in Generations.
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