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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Count me as one of the people who did not like "Space Jesus Sisko" (). It was, and still is, very WTF to me. I think it's more profound that Siskos chooses to be "of Bajor" vs. it all being some diving destiney BS. Definitely my least favorite storyline/arc of the season.

And the Worf storyline made sense, they had to address how utterly pissed he must be about Jadzia's f'ed up death. I was even cool with Julian and Miles tagging along for the ride. But Quark being there seemed almost... disrepectful. The guy just lost his wife, but he's supposed to be okay with listening to all Quark's wise cracks?

I remember being very underwhelmed by this season's opening. I also remember having a new boyfriend at the time so a lot of my time normally spent analyzing DS9 was diverted
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