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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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I said that I'm Asian, isn't it? so English is basically not my primary language.

I doubt that the reason is like that. It's too idealistic. Almost impossible to be realized. Exposed or influenced by the outside worlds is more "logical" and do-able. If you are Asian, then you should know that some of Asian countries are influenced by other culture. You can see at some of Islamic Countries like Indonesia. They are more Arabian than Indonesian, just because they are influenced by the religion. It is also happen to Japan. Look at them before the Meiji Restoration and then look the different after they take western culture.
I'm Asian, and English is my primary language, that's why I asked.
As far as religion goes, I think people will be less affected by religion as more general and relevant education gets spread around.
IMO, as long as better education and critical thinking goes, people will eventually end up like a Star Trek future where religion is a foot note in human history.
Most people who I've met that are highly intelligent and critical thinking tend to sway away from religion and influence others to think past most typical religious borders.
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