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Re: Dexter - Season 7 (with Spoilers)

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But then, if that were the case, she wouldn't have gone alone to the shipping yards....
Yeah that bugged me. After she got that call why would she go out there by herself? Even if she were in a hurry she could have called for backup to meet her out there.
Backup for what? All Estrada told him was that he was alive and needed her help. Not that he was in mortal danger and needed the police, but that he needed her. She didn’t know what kind of help he was talking about, and probably expected that it wasn’t necessarily something legitimate.

If she called for backup, what was she supposed to tell dispatch? Everybody’s getting sick of her and her investigation into Dexter. She fears backlash if she calls for backup for reasons that are vague at best, gets there, doesn’t find any evidence implicating Dexter in anything, and ends up strengthening everybody’s belief that she is obsessed and nuts.

Knowing Dexter’s propensity for setups, she probably should have been smarter than to walk into one of his traps, but I can see why she was reluctant to call for backup.

I’m quite bugged by Dexter’s treatment of Hannah and his statement that “If there had been any other way, I would have found it.” He didn’t even try to look for another way. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to use the pen for blackmail than to lock her up? “I have the pen. Anything happens to Deb or me and it goes to the police.”

I still think it was Deb who put the meds in the bottle. When Dexter told Hannah “You poisoned Deb,” she froze for several seconds before telling him “She was trying to keep us apart.” It looked like she needed a few seconds to figure out how to respond to it. It makes me think it was affected. I don’t know why she copped to a deed she didn’t do, but I think she did.

The hair was too obviously planted — Hannah’s smarter than that. She specializes in poisons that don’t leave traces, but there was obvious forensic evidence in this one. There’s no indication of an injection point on the bottle, so she would likely have to have opened the bottle and hoped Deb didn’t notice the broken safety seal. It’s too convenient that Deb happened to be behind the wheel of a car when the meds kicked in and knocked her out — how could Hannah have arranged for that when (according to the hair) she tampered with a bottle in Deb’s house? In a modern automobile, why would she even expect blacking out behind the wheel to be fatal? Too much doesn’t add up. You burgle somebody’s home and lace a water bottle with Xanax, the probability of it killing her are close to zero. There’s no way Hanna is behind such an inept murder attempt, unless failure was part of the plan.

The supposed motive doesn’t even make sense. She genuinely cares about Dexter, and I can’t see her doing something that would devastate him like Deb’s death for such a silly reason as “She was trying to keep us apart.” Maybe she was trying, but she had no prospect of success — until the accident. Deb’s the only obvious beneficiary of the incident, and it seems unlikely that anyone else was behind it.

The only way Deb’s innocent is if it was a double set-up. Dexter will soon figure out that Deb framed Hannah for trying to kill her, but maybe Deb will deny it and then it will finally turn out that Hannah framed Deb for framing Hannah for trying to kill Deb. She was trying to drive a wedge between Dex and Deb, not to kill her. It would be the same tactic that Dexter used against LaGuerta with the t-shirt and wallet. If it is what Hannah was up to, it's all the proof I need that these two belong together.

By the way, how did LaGuerta's fingerprint get on the wallet?

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