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Re: Who is John Harrison (Possible SPOILERS or Insane Babbling)

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FRINGE has shown that JJ likes to see how an established cast of characters can be expanded upon by depicting them in an alternate universe. No doubt that's what we have going on in ST since Nero's intervention.
Except that Abrams isn't really the head creative mind behind Fringe. He doesn't have time to run TV series now that he's a big movie director, so most of the stuff on TV that has his name on it doesn't really have his direct or close involvement. Fringe was created by Abrams, Kurtzman, & Orci, but K&O haven't actually written for the show since midway through the first season and Abrams hasn't written for it since the second-season premiere. For most of its existence, the show's writing staff has been run by Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman (though Wyman only came aboard in season 2 and Pinkner is not working on the current, final season). And the alternate-universe aspects of Fringe didn't really emerge until season 2. I'd say they probably owe more to Pinkner and Wyman than to Abrams or K&O.

My gut feeling is that the WOK elements we've seen are not just JJ's homage to TOS, but in the AbramsVerse, these similar events happen because they were destined to.
Except it wouldn't make sense to rehash TWOK at this point. The relevant story would be "Space Seed." People keep forgetting that. There's no way that the storyline of TWOK -- about Khan seeking vengeance on Kirk for stranding him on a hellhole a decade and a half earlier -- would make any sense at this point in the timeline, when Kirk has only been in command of the ship for less than a year and has never met Khan.
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