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Re: Who is John Harrison (Possible SPOILERS or Insane Babbling)

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He's Walter Bishop's young clone.
Now we're making sense! Spock and Spock Prime are alternate universe incarnations of William Bell.

On a serious note, though...

FRINGE has shown that JJ likes to see how an established cast of characters can be expanded upon by depicting them in an alternate universe. No doubt that's what we have going on in ST since Nero's intervention.

My gut feeling is that the WOK elements we've seen are not just JJ's homage to TOS, but in the AbramsVerse, these similar events happen because they were destined to.

Ok, so does JJ re-hash Khan? I hope not. But it seems that the Eugenics Wars is a lush garden to pick from and it's not too much to ask the question, "Were there any 'eugenics' kept in secret' after the war?

Either way, I've already requested to take 5/17 off from work!
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