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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

Yes I agree. Different times. The Federation is about 80 years old at the time of "Axanar". It is 2245. So the Federation is much smaller. Even in TOS we get the sense that Starfleet is a small force.

And many of the same forces we know of historically are at play. Maybe the Klingons see the Federation as a growing threat and that is why they went to war. But they did attack the Federation and this war will determine if the Federation survives.

Christian, Richard Hatch and I have a meeting today to discuss Richard's character, and especially the costuming. We will see new Klingon costumes, and some pretty spectacular stuff for Kharn, our main antagonist (Richard).

I can tell you the hardest part of writing the script has been the Battle of Axanar itself. Just trying to get it right and make it interesting.

Thank you for your support!

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