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Re: Star Wars Dark Horse comics disscussion and comments

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Surprised that Dawn of the Jedi is selling well, but happy for it. I've been holding back from that series in part because I've scaled back buying comics but also I wasn't sure about it's viability.

As for Invasion, I knew that was going to be a tough sell. With the NJO being so 'far' in the past, how many NJO fans are out there that would support that book? I also thought DH didn't help themselves with the book's main character.
I think that's a part of the problem for sure and I think a lot of people were scared off by the tie-in to the NJO for fear that they'd need to know the WHOLE history of the NJO to be able to get into Invasion. I supported it because it was an okay story but honestly, it wasn't THAT great.

As for Lost Tribe, I thought that was a miniseries? I didn't know there were plans to keep it ongoing. I also thought that had limited appeal. I wasn't sure how much interest there was out there for the Lost Tribe of Sith to begin with.

Though I was thinking the same thing about the Dawn of the Jedi, despite the level of talent behind the book.
Interest in the Lost Tribe is pretty limited but I was digging it. I think the intent was to keep it going longer than the 5 issue arc that just ended but they pulled the plug on it pretty much instantly. I just don't think there was any support there and they didn't do themselves any favors by putting weak artists on the book.

As for Dawn of the Jedi, I think it's getting by on the names behind it. People know and like that team and it's a pretty decent story so far. We'll see if it lasts.
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