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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

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I am writing Act 4 now, which is all the Battle of Axanar. And I did a lot of research, even reading four of the Honor Harrington novels to see how the author described those battles (Basically 18th century navel battles in space). Everything sparks ideas. Not to copy, but in directions to go.
Honor Harrington??? Egads, you're giving this history and sci-fi fan a total nerd overload. I totally, agree - not copying - but just the kind of research you are putting into this film leaves me in awe. I am thrilled to hear what you are doing!

As I have said, I don't want final battle to be one big DS9 style slugfest. I have lots of problems with those battles. So ours needs to be really strategically interesting, while pushing the story forward and helping define our characters.
I think that those final DS9 massive battles are at a time apart... they make logical sense for a massive Federation with a history of some 80000 ships (not that all of them are in commission, mind you!) allied with several other forces. Such a battle would not be feasible for the Federation, any more than a battle like Coral Sea, Midway, or Leyte Gulf would have been feasible for Commodore Dewey.

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